The Healthy Eating Song

How do you communicate healthy eating messages to pre-schoolers? With music of course.

We tapped into our creative network to develop The Healthy Eating Song with Ben Faulks (better known as Mr Bloom from CBeebies) and his award winning co-composer Richie Webb (Horrible Histories, Baby Jake). To help young children get behind the song we created our own food characters, developed a karaoke video (collecting a mere 78K views at the last count, and that’s just on YouTube!), a song sheet, get moving poster, and other resources for parents and nursery practitioners along with a do it yourself guide to learning to play the song on the ukulele.

We’ve since taken the song on the road and collected some lovely content and a great deal of social media buzz along the way.  We were delighted when The Healthy Eating Song concept and campaign was given industry recognition by being made a finalist at the Communique Awards 2018, even warranting a special mention by Tess Daly at the ceremony! Ultimately though while recognition for our work is lovely, our best reward is knowing how children up and down the country have taken it to their hearts, and seeing f

irst hand how it is making a difference to people trying to teach healthy eating habi

Altogether now, 1,2,3, sing with me…..